A wager between two fathers makes her the bride of a despised younger son, who sets off to join Wellington's army. Aurora, wed and abandoned before she's 15, becomes a woman to be reckoned with. Ten years later, she is the founder of The Sprague Agency for Distressed Females.

Accosted at knife point after helping a beaten wife in Scotland, she's shocked to hear that her attacker thinks she is a spy. Alex Fenimore, the new Earl of Woodbridge, needs to finish one last assignment before returning to England to set his muddled affairs in order.

An unlikely set of coincidences puts Alex on a direct collision course with the wife he's never seen. All is fair in love and war, but Lady Love seldom plays fair as she is determined that these two should be together. Another excellent work from Andrea Pickens! THE BANISHED BRIDE is a stellar example of her talent for lusty, lush romance mixed with great humor and a touch of human frailty. (Mar., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck