Image of Banished to the Harem


Image of Banished to the Harem
BANISHED TO THE HAREM (4) by Carol Marinelli: Sheikh Rakhal of Alzirz will soon rule his people. He loves his desert customs, land and country, but he wants one more London fling first and has just the redhead in mind. Natasha Winters is a woman of modern thought hiding behind her innocence. A chance meeting with a sexy sheikh makes her bad day much better — until their moment of intimacy goes further than she intended. Unexpected consequences and combustible results abound, especially when Rakhal’s will and ego collide with Natasha’s modern views. Fiddler on the Roof meets the Arabian Nights in Marinelli’s sensual story, filled with dark heroes, stubborn heroines and love scenes hotter than a desert sun.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt