Image of Banishing the Dark (The Arcadia Bell series)


Image of Banishing the Dark (The Arcadia Bell series)

Hot talent Bennett brings her utterly riveting Arcadia Bell series to a heart-stopping close as Cady faces the final showdown with her homicidal and evil mother. Throughout this tremendous series, Bennett has done an outstanding job skillfully blending kick-butt action and magic along with consistently intriguing character development. The result is a story that grabs you from the first word and makes you regret its inevitable end. Bennett is a superstar in the making!

Although she managed to survive her explosive confrontation with now-deceased Hellfire club leader, Ambrose Dare, Arcadia Bell did not escape unscathed. Weakened as she is, Cady will have a hard time fighting off her bloodthirsty mother who plans to take magical possession of Cady’s body. Knowing the clock is ticking, Cady and her demon lover Lon Butler must find out the truth about the occult ceremony used during her conception and what impact it has had on her growing moonchild powers. It’s a race against time for Cady to find a way to save herself and all those she holds dear! (POCKET, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith