Image of Banking on Hope (NASCAR Library Collection)


Image of Banking on Hope (NASCAR Library Collection)
BANKING ON HOPE (4) by Maggie Price: Sandford Racing hires psychologist Hope Hunt to assess and treat problems with their team dynamics. Brent Sanford, a disgraced NASCAR driver turned successful owner and pilot of an air charter service, is contracted to take Hope wherever she needs to go. Although there's no denying Brent is a "babe magnet," Hope was burned by a cheater before, so while her heart tells her to trust the handsome pilot, her head warns her to beware. Brent has never cared what anyone thought about the scandal surrounding him -- until he meets Hope. But will trusting her with his secrets be enough to persuade Hope to be his copilot for life? Fast-paced action and genuine chemistry make this novel easy to read in one sitting.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan