Image of Bannon Brothers: Trust


Image of Bannon Brothers: Trust

Dailey’s detailed settings and intriguing characters will immediately pull readers into her novel. Romance and suspense blend seamlessly into the tightly crafted plot, which maintains a high level of tension throughout the story. Don’t be sad to reach the final page, rest assured there is more to come! Trust is the first of the Bannon Brothers trilogy.

RJ Bannon takes on the cold case of a child abduction which took place 25 years earlier. With the $2 million reward about to expire, RJ is determined to find out what happened to Ann Montgomery, the 3year-old daughter of a wealthy Virginia family. During the investigation, he meets Erin Randall, a local artist who is mysteriously tied to the case. As RJ and Erin join forces to find the truth, they discover that someone would rather keep the abduction unsolved. (KENSINGTON, Aug., p358 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett