Image of Banquet of Lies


Image of Banquet of Lies

Though Diener shifts from Tudor England to the Regency era, she maintains her focus on treachery, betrayal and dangerous intrigues. This time she mixes the Food Network with a spy network to stir a delicious amount of suspense into the dish, winning readers over with tempting recipes, likable characters and plenty of mysterious twists. A fine treat for fans of Tracy Grant and Tasha Alexander.

After her father is murdered, Giselle Barrington flees Sweden for London, carrying the documents her father died protecting. A fine cook, she takes a position as Lord Aldridge’s French chef while keeping an eye on her home. There is something strangely familiar about his chef, but Aldridge is far too content with his fine meals to think much about it until strange incidents occur at the house down the street. As Giselle maintains her ruse, she unknowingly draws Aldridge into her quest, which dovetails into his work for the Crown. By following Giselle, Aldridge is both aiding and complicating her mission. Giselle must stay away from Aldridge for fear of exposure, but she is also attracted to her employer and needs his help. It’s a fine line Giselle treks as the mystery deepens and they are pulled together. (GALLERY, Oct., 352 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin