Aidan, of the Metro Arson Strike Team, is investigating a series of fires, the latest in a warehouse storing artifacts for an exhibit organized by a professor, Leanan. When they meet, a different kind of blaze flares.

Complicating the relationship is the fact that Aidan is a Salamander, one of the Fae clans, and can only fight fires or start them. The search for the arsonist takes a supernatural turn when Aidan realizes he is looking for another Salamander. The Fae head orders Aidan to stay away from Leanan, but her background is much more than they realize.

This book of interesting background and assured writing flies by. The sex is hot, the hero and heroine are great, the plot is well-developed and Ramsay moves this story from the ordinary to the exciting. (dl $5.75)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor