Adrienne Beauvisage is an independent woman who yearns for adventure. Fearing she will get into trouble, her father hires his old friend's son, Nathan Raveneau, to pose as Nathan Essex and act as her "guardian."

Adrienne has taken a position as companion to the eccentric Lady Thomasina Harms in Hampshire, England, but when it appears that she might be in some danger Nathan spirits her away on his ship bound for Barbados.

When Adrienne discovers Nathan's true identity as the scandalous pirate known as "The Scapegrace," she is stunned, yet intrigued. While in England she began to realize her attraction to Nathan and now, while sharing a cabin and a bed, the infatuation turns to passion.

They arrive at Nathan's plantation and marry without Adrienne realizing the web of danger she has entered. Between Nathan's vendetta against his ruthless neighbor, Xavier Crowe, and efforts to rescue Lady Thomasina, Adrienne is plunged into more adventure than she ever imagined.

Cynthia Wright has created another masterpiece filled with passion and adventure. BARBADOS is a "must read" for everyone who has read Ms. Wright's earlier novels about the Beauvisage and Raveneau families. SENSUAL (Aug., 373pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager