Morrigan Blake is an intergalactic reporter whose current assignment is to investigate whether the Galaxy Brides agency is legitimate or not. She must go to a planet where women are few and the men, including royalty, are seeking virgin brides.

She never expects to meet Ualan of Draig, a Qurilixian male, or be claimed for his wife! Naturally, she's none too happy about it. Morrigan gives Ualan a fight for his money. She never intended for the sexual brute to actually take her as a wife; she simply expected to get a good story and get right back to Earth.

It's hard to decide which is funnier—Ualan's stubbornness and determin- ation or Morrigan's steadfast denial of her future due to her belief that all Qurilixian males are barbaric.

Pillow's story is quite a treat. It is all things sexy and passionate, with humor laced throughout and topped off with an ultimately emotional connection. (THE RAVEN BOOKS, May 2011, 228 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling