In this suspenseful romance, three women employed by a private investigation agency, Charlie's Angels-style, are hired to protect a man with deep, unstable connections to Japanese gangs. The first half of the book is heavy on thought, emotion and sex, but the pace of the story and the intensity pick up drastically in the latter half. Garbera's realistic depiction of gang life and espionage
create a good story overall.

Bodyguard Charity Keone doesn't need a vacation after her relationship with a senator ends. What she needs is a piece of her agency's latest assignment, CEO and businessman Daniel Williams. She is guarding him when she should be guarding her heart, and their relationship quickly gets intense and physical.

As the threat on his life closes in, Charity discovers more than he ever wanted her to know. Soon she doubts she'll survive this assignment -- and if she does, will her heart make it out with her? (BRAVA, Feb., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen