Image of Bare It All (Love Undercover)


Image of Bare It All (Love Undercover)

Foster heads back to Love Undercover, picking up the tale of taking out human traffickers. While this story is packed with all the people we know and love, it doesn’t quite jell like the last one. There is little backstory, and the characters are a bit choppy. However, for the fans, this is a fun visit with friends, and several possible future story arcs are set up (and Trace makes a guest appearance).

Detective Reese Bareden likes his quiet neighbor Alice, and is really grateful that she likes his dog, because otherwise he would never get a smile out of her. However, she keeps throwing him off balance by doing things like jumping in to save him with a Glock in her hand. Alice Appleton has survived human traffickers before, and has been responsible for taking them down. She is watchful and prepared for any eventuality, except the hot detective and his dog. However, she better be careful, because taking her attention away from the rest of her surroundings just might make this a fatal attraction. (HQN, May, 464 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan