Image of Bare Witness


Image of Bare Witness

Garbera's second Liberty Investigations book is more fluid than her first, Bare Facts, with easily pictured gunplay scenes. The romance and love scenes are sensual, intensified by the main character's troubled sexual history. However, they feel disjointed and
out of place within the high-intensity
situations. Though short on interactions with the secondary characters, this is
an enjoyable, quick and mildly suspenseful read.

Justine O'Neill isn't interested in white picket fences or happily ever after with any man -- until she's hired to protect international businessman Nigel Carter.

The initial sparks flying between them quickly turn to bullets flying around them when his daughter is kidnapped. On unfamiliar territory both physically and emotionally, Justine works overtime to secure her clients, bring down the bad guys and still explore her interest in Nigel. She hopes their emotions are rooted in more than just the intensity around them. (BRAVA, Oct., 240 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen