Image of Barely Bewitched (A Southern Witch Novel)


Image of Barely Bewitched (A Southern Witch Novel)

If you loved Would-Be Witch, you'll absolutely adore Frost's latest. She improves her series about Tamara Trask, a Southern witch with a penchant for getting into serious, albeit hilarious, trouble. This time around, however, Frost delves deeper into
the romantic choices Tammy-Jo must
make, and develops the characters of her -- quite enticing -- suitors even more.

Tammy Jo's plotting a way to steal her jewelry back from her enemy when once again all heck breaks loose in the town of Duvall. She's being called in front of the World Association of Magic to defend her use of magic. Two witches have come to assist in her training for the challenge -- and one of them likes to play with fire.

Tammy Jo's been ordered to stay away from Bryn Lyons, though she needs him and is still strongly attracted to him, and her ex-husband isn't talking to her. To make matters worse, she's unleashed fairies on the town and they're wreaking havoc. To restore Duvall to its former peaceful existence, Tammy Jo will need all their help, and she'll also need to muster some spells of her own. (BERKLEY, Sep., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton