Renowned contemporary author Dreyer makes the leap to historical romance with an emotionally powerful story that utilizes the fascinating backdrop of the Battle of Waterloo to enhance her unique plotline and intriguing characters’ love story. Here’s hoping Dreyer’s first Drake’s Rakes book is the beginning of a long career in a new genre.

Olivia Grace has lived on the edge of society since her scandalous divorce. As an unobtrusive companion, she hides her identity while her employer visits Brussels on the eve of Waterloo. After the battle, Olivia is searching the front lines for wounded when she comes across her ex-husband Jack, Duke of Gracechurch. Worse, he is unconscious and wearing an enemy uniform. When Jack awakens he has no memory of the last five years. He believes they are still happily married. To keep Jack safe, until she discovers if Jack is a hero or a traitor, Olivia maintains the pretense of wedded bliss. As Jack slowly regains his memory he and Olivia protect themselves and their rekindled love while facing down a ruthless enemy. (Forever, Jul., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin