First published in 1989 as The Would-Be Widow, this story of a marriage of convenience has been expanded and enhanced to a fuller, more in-depth romance and retitled THE BARGAIN.

When Lady Jocelyn Kendall learns she must marry or lose her inheritance, she doesnt know what to do. Shes a woman trapped in a world run by men. The solution comes when she meets Major David Lancaster while visiting the hospital.

It breaks Jocelyns heart to know that the handsome, noble young man is paralyzed and dying. They come to an agreement. He will marry Jocelyn in exchange for an income for his sister.

But life takes a strange twist when a surgeon operates on David, giving him a second chance at life. Now Jocelyn hasa very healthy and very much alive husband; a man she could easily love and who will use whatever means he can to win her heart after he learns he is a titled gentleman, equal to her and worthy of a woman as generous and loving as Jocelyn.

With several wonderful secondary characters and a lovely romance between Davids sister and his doctor, THE BARGAIN will delight Mary Jo Putneys fans, new and old. There is a warmth and charm to this story that will melt your heart and make it sing. Sheer reading pleasure. SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin