Image of The Bargain


Image of The Bargain

Ariel Harding finds herself in what could become a compromising position, locked in a closet at Carlton House with a starched up, overbearing, opinionated Lord Alan Gresham.

A scientist, Alan is called upon by the Prince Regent to ferret out a ghost. The specter is the recently deceased Beth Harding, Ariel's mother and actress of some renown and an old acquaintance of Prinnie's.

The two join forces to solve this manifestation that lurks in Carlton House-after all it is not "good ton" to ruin the Regent's parties.

As a man of science, Alan does not believe in love and it isn't too long before he finds himself experiencing unknown feeling for the infuriating young woman. It is up to Ariel, wise woman that she is, to show him those feelings are not just desire, but love.

When the ghostly game turns deadly and Ariel come up missing, a frantic Alan comes to realize what the game of love is all about. For the thought of losing her is too horrible to contemplate.

Charmingly written by a deft hand, THE BARGAIN proves that love does conquer all, especially the most obstinate of scientific minds. SENSUAL (Oct., 341 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond