Image of Bargain Hunting (Finley Anderson Tanner)


Image of Bargain Hunting (Finley Anderson Tanner)

Pollero has effectively transitioned this series away from chick lit to more solid and compelling storylines. Finley is still amusing and knows her way around designer labels, but now she has more depth, and her investigative skills have advanced — making her a dangerous adversary. Smart writing and smooth dialogue make this mystery highly entertaining. An unfinished storyline will hopefully be continued in the next book.

Ex-cop/PI Liam McGarrity arrives at Finley’s doorstep with a gunshot wound. Finley helps him and soon realizes Liam is being set up to take the fall for his ex-partner’s murder. Jose Lopez was killed with Liam’s gun, which went missing years earlier when a young boy was shot during a police gang raid. Who is behind the elaborate plan to frame Liam? Is it gang-related or dirty law enforcement? When Liam and Finley are shot at, the game suddenly changes into a deadly race to uncover the truth. (GALLERY, Nov., 293 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin