Juliana Garnett creates a new footnote to the Robin Hood legend when she pairs the legendary outlaws niece with a newly appointed Sheriff of Nottingham in a bold and daring tale set when King John ruled England with an iron hand and treason was unpardonable.

In a fit of anger, King John strips Baron Tre Devaux of his lands and appoints him Sheriff of Nottingham until he proves his loyalty to the crown. A proud and embittered Norman knight, Tre takes the position to reclaim his estates.

Nottingham and the surrounding area is a Saxon stronghold. Though a Norman knights widow, Lady Jane is Saxon and as unbending to the Normans as her uncle, Robin of Locksley. She still uses her bow and arrow and maintains friendships with the remaining members of Robins band.

She is ready to speak for her people and challenges the sheriff. But even when she holds the sheriff at arrow point, Jane finds her feelings for him growing. Falling in love with the enemy becomes a great danger to both Tre and Jane.

Caught in several treacherous plots, Jane and Tre will take many risks to defeat those who would destroy them and the country.

Juliana Garnetts medieval romances combine a high degree of historical accu-racy about the middle ages with just the right touch of the romance of the era and a wonderful love story. Readers who want their history and romance perfectly blended will find THE BARON a book they will not want to miss. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin