Image of A Barricade in Hell


Image of A Barricade in Hell

Fans of Moyer’s first book, Delia’s Shadow, will find much to love in this sequel. Delia is again faced with a child ghost who wants something as the streets of San Francisco are overrun by a serial murderer. The mystery formula works, with the pacing just right and red herrings around every bend, while the supernatural aspects remain intriguing. The same cast of characters, including quirky medium Isadora and Delia’s detective husband, Gabe, brings familiarity, but might have been better served with more marks of change in the three years that have passed since the first installment.

It’s 1917 in San Francisco, and the world is changing around Delia Martin. World War I has seen tormented soldiers return from the front lines, and women (including Delia) rally for the right to vote. Meanwhile, San Francisco is haunted with as many ghosts as ever, and Delia, her mentor Isadora and her husband Gabe work together to solve a string of murders happening on the docks and in Chinatown. (TOR, June, 336 pp., $26.00)
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Lindsey Galloway Senway