This fast-paced story is perfect for readers looking for a spin on the traditional “won in a wager” marriage set-up. Herries adds dimension to the story by delving into the welfare of Nicholas’ tenants. Although some readers may get frustrated with Nicholas who is quick to anger, Lottie is a sympathetic character who tries desperately to care for those she loves.

When Clarice and Charlotte’s father bets Clarice’s hand in marriage, Lord Nicholas Rothsay reluctantly accepts the wager. But after Nicholas wins, Clarice sends her twin sister to be married in her place. Although Charlotte and Nicholas’ romance begins with a scam, the pair work through their issues and embrace married life. However, their happiness is threatened when Clarice returns to their lives, wanting money to stay silent about the scandalous way the marriage began. Will Nicholas and Lottie be able to overcome the obstacles in the way of wedded bliss? (Harlequin, Mar., dl. $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard