Image of The Battle Sylph


Image of The Battle Sylph

A remarkable new voice and a stunningly original world are unveiled in McDonald's debut fantasy novel. The skillful blending of intense battle scenes and multifaceted characters ensures that this world -- and those living in it -- come alive. This is an amazing start to what promises to be a truly engaging series!

Running away to avoid a forced marriage only throws young Solie into the path of deadly danger. The king has decided his son needs to obtain a magical battle sylph, and the only way to do that is to entice it with a virgin, then kill the girl and bind the Battler by naming it. But during the ceremony, Solie breaks free and inadvertently names the Battler "Heyou."

Heyou kills almost everyone in the vicinity and flees with Solie. Unaware of the usual limits placed on a Battler's abilities by their masters, Solie insists only that Heyou not instinctively kill every male they run into. On the run from the angry king and his dangerous troops, Solie and Heyou face significant challenges in their attempt to survive. (LEISURE, Mar., 336 pp., $7.99)

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