Upon the death of his brother, and his appointment as guardian to his niece and nephew, rakehell Lord Michael St. Ledgers finds himself in need of a wife.

Lady Anne Davies is obedient, trained to manage a household and to be a good wife. She soon finds herself wed to the stern, but handsome, lord.

When they arrive at The Priory, Lord Michael's estate, Anne must deal with Bagshaw, the stately butler who rules the household with an iron fist; Michael's nephew Edward, the arrogant new young duke; and Edward's sister Sylvia, a quiet withdrawn child who refuses to speak. To round out the household is Lord Ashby, a renowned aeronaut. Anne's greatest challenge, however, is her husband, but seeing that he is truly an honorable man, she comes to care for him.

Despite Anne's attempts at adjusting, the situation at the estate remains unstable. There are still questions to be answered about the ill-timed death of Michael's brother and about rumors that Michael is the nefarious owner of a pleasure boat named "The Folly."

Balloon rides, murder, kidnapping, and mayhem combine to sweep the reader to a chilling conclusion. SENSUAL (Sept., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond