Image of Bayou Bodyguard


Image of Bayou Bodyguard

BAYOU BODYGUARD (4) by Jana DeLeon: The house called laMalediction is still stirring up unrest in the hearts of the citizens of Cypriere in this suspense-laden tale of evil spirits and voodoo magic. Researcher Justine Chatry is hired to look for clues to a cache of emeralds rumored to be buried on the property that, fortunately, coincides with her own search into her past. Brian Marcenel needs a break from his NOPD job and promises to play bodyguard to the woman who looks very familiar. The attacks begin the moment they arrive and, with a town full of suspects, Brian’s got his hands full trying to keep Justine safe and discovering what secrets she’s harboring.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper