Image of Bayou Sweetheart


Image of Bayou Sweetheart

BAYOU SWEETHEART (4.5) by Lenora Worth: Landscaper Callie Moreau is presented with the opportunity to design the gardens of Fleur House, a place she has always loved. The new owner is Tomas Delacorte, a secretive man who has rumors floating around town about his past. Despite his reservations, something about Callie causes him to let down his guard. Will growing closer to Callie cause him to change his plans for the local factory? Callie is a breast cancer survivor and fears that Tomas may abandon her if she gets too close, just like her ex-husband did. Can she trust him, or is he as ruthless as the rumors proclaim? In the final installment in her Bayou series, Worth generates admirable characters, whose stories are tied up neatly with a subtle faith message. Scenes of forgiveness blend beautifully with the setting’s historical feel.

Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee