Successful businessman Sam Taggert returns to his Montana home to find his father and half-sister living in what he considers a pigsty. He hires Emma Recht, their neighbor's daughter, to clean the house and care for his family.

Daughter of German immigrants, Emma is a sweet, down to earth young woman with a mind for business and a heart of gold. She quickly enchants Sam's father, Harry, antagonizes his tomboy half-sister Mary, cleans the house until it shines and captivates Sam. Emma is attracted to Sam and though she doesn't fully understand her body's awakening, she takes the opportunity to make him her own one night.

When Sam needs a clerk on his business trips through the mountain, he hires business-minded Emma, who sees this as an opportunity to expand her sock business and a chance to be with Sam. Though it takes a while for Sam's mind to understand what his heart has been telling him about Emma, they marry and must overcome personal obstacles and those presented by Sam's enemy.

The charm of BE MINE is within the hearts of Ms. Logan's perfectly endearing characters. Charming, funny, poignant and utterly delightful, BE MINE is a winner. SENSUAL (July, 389 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin