Tucker Conklin is determined to take whats histhe Mevie ranch. Deeded to him in a will by the late owner, the ranch is Tuckers payment for honoring the old mans dying wish. And taking care of his daughter, Jude McVie, is hardly an obligation. Its a fantasy only heaven could allow.

Jude McVie is appalled at the lustful thoughts shes having about the sexy stranger who arrived on her doorstep determined to take title to her familys home. As time passes, Jude realizes that Tucker isnt the bad guy shes imagined but the savior whos come to bale her family out of bankruptcy. The only drawback is his pricehe wants not only her body but her love.

BE MINE is an extraordinary story of betrayal, secrets and forbidden passion, a wonderful literary present. (May, 284 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson