Image of Be Mine


Image of Be Mine

Three of romance’s hottest authors team up to delight readers with a trio of charming, sexy and witty encounters that will heat up Valentine’s Day in a big way. Take Crusie’s sassy dialogue, Dahl’s suspenseful storylines and Stacey’s deft touch with relationships and this collection offers readers a perfectly indulgent night, with nothing to add but a flickering fire and a steaming mug of chocolate.

In Dahl’s “Too Fast to Fall,” Deputy Nate Hendricks is worried that Jenny Stone’s reckless driving is going to make her lose her license. When Jenny’s past leaps in the path of one of his cases, Nate’s got to figure out if the tantalizing bartender needs more than just a speed bump. Either way, there’s a decided appeal to cuffing Jenny to him — maybe for life. In “Alone With You” by Stacey, waitress Darcy Vaughan chalks it up to a one-night stand when developer Jake Holland never calls after their incredible night together. Turns out Jake tried to find her, even after a phone number disaster. When they are tossed together to help a friend open a new restaurant, the couple finds out pretty quickly that one night is never going to be enough. This collection also includes a ‘94 reissue of Sizzle by Jennifer Crusie. (HQN, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper