Watching his twin brother Jack leave baseball because of an injury and get married has left Tim Trehan suffering from nightmares. It's a known fact that both brothers have eerily similar careers; the press even christened it the "Trehan Curse." But Tim loves catching for the Philly's and does not want to leave the league under any circumstances.

Suze Trent has had a crush on Tim Trehan since kindergarten. Having moved away for college, she hasn't seen either Tim or Jack in years. When Tim sees Suze, he notices a lot has changed. After one wild night, they decide to fly to Vegas to get married. Suze is head over heels in love, but unfortunately she is unaware that the idea of a "curse" has played a major role in their impulsive marriage. Despite the early misunderstandings, can these old friends forge a lasting marriage?

Kasey Michaels gives the other Trehan brother his due with this new fun and romantic tale. As in the previous book, humor makes this story all the more joyful and engaging. (Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith