Image of Be My Texas Valentine


Image of Be My Texas Valentine

A popular quartet of western writers returns with another Texas-set anthology. This time they wrap their talents around the idea of Valentine’s Day in a land with a heart the size of the state. Four very different ideas of what it means to be someone’s Valentine will have every reader yearning for a Texan of her own.

In Thomas’ novella, roving cowboy Brody Monroe rides into town, finds work on a ranch and meets Valerie, who’s rumored to be cursed. Brody is determined to prove there is no curse. Even if he has to undo one button a night he’s going to woo a reluctant lady into his arms in “The Valentine’s Curse.” “Cupid’s Arrow” strikes hard and fast as Broday’s heiress Rue Ann Spencer comes home to get married and sees her first love, Logan Cutter. Her plans for a Valentine’s Day wedding go up in smoke. He betrayed her in the worst way once, but neither can forget the youthful love they shared and the pain of the loss they felt ever since then. In Miranda’s “Loving Miss Laurel,” feisty lady Laurel Womack and the town’s mayor, Hunter Campbell, clash when they are forced to work together, but with a little help from a surprising source, they may just have a happy future. A wheelchair-bound young woman dreams of love with the town’s handsome doctor in Pace’s “Sweet Talk,” and with the help of two lovebirds and one wily woman, her dreams may come true. (ZEBRA, Jan., 375 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin