The five dangerous and sexy special operatives of the Smithson Group are close to bringing down the international crime syndicate Spectra IT. But they still have to prove that Spectra is using Marian Diamonds as a cover to smuggle conflict diamonds out of Sierra Leone.

It's SG-5 operative Kelly John Beach's job to get that evidence. While on a mission to collect the evidence, he discovers a video camera not present during his surveillance check. He needs an alibi fast or he and the SG-5 team will be exposed.

Emma Webster has worked for the Smithson Group for years. When her boss asks her to pose as SG-5 operative Kelly John Beach's lover, she's determined to make this the best "assignment" the sexy spy ever had.

Reminiscent of James Bond, The Beach Alibi is a sensuously arousing romance with an intricately detailed plot that gets better with each new episode. (Jan., 160 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik