Attorney Christy Petrino has done everything in her power to build her- self a successful and crime-free life. Regrettably, fate and the DePalma crime family interfere. Christy had assumed that her boss and fiancé, Michael DePalma, was also trying to build a legitimate career; however, she's recently discovered how wrong she was. With her family threatened, Christy agrees to deliver a briefcase to the small beach community of Ocracoke, North Carolina.

On her way back to her cottage, after making the delivery, Christy stumbles across a badly wounded woman in the surf and also sees a man following with a knife. Screaming for help, Christy runs back to her cottage.

FBI agent Luke Rand is nearly caught red-handed by the target of his investigation. He and his partner have just finished wiring Christy's house when she arrives screaming. When Christy, Luke and the rest of the neighbors go down to the beach, they discover that the wounded woman has been murdered.

Soon people start to suspect that there might be a serial killer stalking Ocracoke. Luke has his hands full trying to discover if Christy knows the location of her former fiancé while also trying to protect her from a sexual predator.

Karen Robards is back with another of her patented tales of romance and suspense that keep readers balanced on the knife's edge. Robards has a true flare for characterization and excels at adding large doses of humor to the spicy mix. (Sep., 342 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith