Image of The Bear (Saga of the First King)


Image of The Bear (Saga of the First King)

Salvatore is still amazing when it comes to worldbuilding, and this world of Honce he has been playing in for four books only gets richer with each novel. The lines he draws for diplomacy and war are intricate and detailed. His characters are as personal to the reader as ever, and his conclusion is satisfying.

The war of Honce is still raging, with foppish Prince Yeslnik at the helm of Delaval City, and Dame Gwydre of Vanguard as his rival. The church is splintered, with factions on each side, and it falls to Laird Bannagran, the Bear of Honce, to decide in which direction the war will shift. (TOR, Aug., 448 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs