Image of Bear Claw Bodyguard


Image of Bear Claw Bodyguard

BEAR CLAW BODYGUARD (4) by Jessica Andersen: His investigation into a new street drug goes off the rails when Detective Jack Williams accidentally injures a witness to get information, so he’s assigned to babysitting duty for a visiting scientist trying to diagnosis a strange tree disease in Bear Claw’s Forgotten Forest. Dr. Tori Bay is one of the nation’s top plant specialists but she’s never seen anything like the Forgotten — nor has she ever been in the sniper sights of the Shadow Militia; and now it looks like Jack’s drug investigation is dovetailing with Tori’s. Jack’s mission is to find the drug runners and keep Tori safe, and he may have to take down a mole in his own department to do it. Andersen has a fascinating mix of romance and murder, laced with gene-splicing, botany, blackmail and betrayal.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper