Kellerman brings her long-running and consistently outstanding Decker/Lazarus series to a close with another amazingly creepy and compelling novel. Though it’s definitely a finale, she leaves wide open the possibility of new adventures in a new format. This riveting series has explored the lives as well as the cases of its characters and The Beast is no exception. Brava and thank you, Ms. Kellerman!

LAPD Sgt. Marge Dunn is not kidding when she calls Lt. Peter Decker to warn that they have a weird one. A horrible smell and strange sounds come from eccentric millionaire Hobart Penny’s apartment. They find Penny’s body and a full-grown Siberian tiger inside. Surprisingly, the tiger never harmed Penny, but someone did. The question is why? Also, how did Penny keep the tiger a secret? As Peter and Marge unravel the facts, the case only gets more twisted. (MORROW, Aug., 384 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith