Marzec gives the reader yet one
more take on the age-old story, "Beauty and the Beast." Unfortunately, she brings nothing really new to the tale, which leaves the reader feeling that they have been cheated into
reading a much less entertaining
version of the original.

Victoria Billingford is traveling home to Pennsylvania to meet Tadeusz Hermanowski, the man that she had married by proxy six weeks ago. It seems her cousin, Paul, lost Victoria's family home as well as Victoria's freedom in a gambling debt to Thadeusz. Victoria left home nine years before when her mother drowned and Victoria was considered a suspect by some. Her first marriage was horrible and Victoria doesn't have much hope that this one will be any better.

Thadeusz has his own reasons for wanting this marriage to succeed. Cursed by a witch years before, Thadeusz must find love before his 33rd birthday, or he will become a wolf forever. With only four days to break the curse, Thadeusz is dismayed to find Victoria beautiful, as he knows that no beautiful woman will fall in love with his hairy, beast-like looks. He, however, falls for Victoria, and when it seems that someone is trying to drive her mad he is determined to save her. The only question is: Can Victoria learn to love the beast in time to save him from life as a wolf? (NEW CONCEPTS, Apr., 179 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler