Image of The Beast in Him (Pride, Book 2)


Image of The Beast in Him (Pride, Book 2)

Laurenston follows her first Pride novel, The Mane Event, by picking up where she left off with the main characters. This is Bobby Ray Smith's story, and it's a romantic tale about two shapeshifter soul mates. Though light on plot, the characters are hysterically funny, each sassy and egotistical. Their witty, candid remarks and high energy drive the story forward nicely, and the love scenes are pleasantly hot.

Bobby Ray "Smitty" Smith is a wolf just doing his job when a blast from his past walks back into his life. Jessica Ward has come a long way since being a fearful, picked-on dog in high school, and she's determined to never look back. But Smitty's animal attraction takes over, and he's determined that nothing will prevent him from marking her as his. (Brava, Apr., 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen