Image of The Beast Within


Image of The Beast Within

This well-written, entertaining anthology has werewolves, zombies and wizards — something for everyone! Things start out strong with stories by McCarthy and D’Arc. Lyon’s entry isn’t as memorable, but is a fine read. All feature happy endings for the evil-fighting couples.

In McCarthy’s “The Howling,” Liv’s boyfriend disappeared without a trace — and with all her money. Liv is reconciled to marrying his brother. But when she starts having disturbing dreams about a bride being attacked by wolves, it may be time to call things off. Donna and John go undercover at a fishing camp to track an evil scientist and zombie activity in D’Arc’s “Smoke on the Water.” When reinforcements don’t materialize and the zombies are on the move, they load up on zombie-killing darts and head out to kick some serious undead butt. Lyon’s “Redeeming the Wizard” matches magic-blind Mira with wizard Gage to kill a demon and rescue Mira’s grandmother. However, with Gage’s wizarding skills fried from a power overload, things get complicated pretty quickly. (BRAVA, Sep., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan