Taylor Brannon grieves deeply for her deceased twin brother Troy. Wanting to feel closer to him, she takes his place at an annual Civil War Reenactment.

It was here that Lt. Zachariah Harris tortured and killed Union Officer Jared Beaudry. Legend has it that Beaudrys corpse haunts the area, and indeed his spirit cannot rest until he has the chance to regain his honor, changing the outcome of the reenactment might be the only way to overcome his past. Jared enlists the reluctant ghost of Troy, who is watching over Taylor, to help him borrow the body of a Civil War actor. Can Taylor alter events to help save Jareds soul?

BEAUDRYS GHOST is a highly original and compelling tale of redemption and retribution. Ms. Ivey conveys well the anguish, fear and hatred of those caught on opposite sides of a war. Ms. Ivey is quite the storyteller and has left room for the enticing possibility of a sequel. (Reissued from July 1999, 155 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith