Image of Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures)


Image of Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures)

Garcia and Stohl prove their mastery of the Southern gothic once again. Near-biblical plagues inspire religious fervor from fanatical side characters, the oppressive heat becomes almost a character in itself and voodoo magic creeps up from the Castor Tunnels below Gatlin, S.C. The ending is perfect, a climax that reveals only part of the mystery while calling our bluff to the very end. As always, the male protagonist is a refreshing and welcome change. It’s a must-read for series followers.

Ethan Wate has finally learned to appreciate the simplicity and charm of his hometown, although he isn’t sure how much longer they’ll last. While record-breaking temperatures, hordes of locusts and natural disasters threaten to destroy Gatlin, Ethan’s sudden distaste for his favorite foods and inability to remember familiar details makes him wonder if he’s losing himself as well. Ethan knows that someone will have to be sacrificed to repair the schism Lena created when she broke the Order of Things during her claiming, but who among them is the key to repairing the world? (LITTLE, BROWN, Oct., 519 pp., $18.99, HC, ISBN: 9780316123525, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Ellen Parsons