Image of A Beautiful Dark


Image of A Beautiful Dark

Readers will definitely want to check out this tale of love, growing up and what it really means to be happy. The wide cast of characters shines as the author captures the highs and lows of teenage life. Paranormal fans will particularly appreciate the way that Davies' well-crafted love triangle pits heroine Skye between the magnetic forces of good and evil — angels Asher and Devin. Davies' debut will keep readers guessing until the end which brother is sent from Heaven and which from Hell. You will absolutely want to read more about this world after the story's conclusion — luckily this is the beginning of a series!

On the night of Skye's seventeenth birthday her friends host a surprise party, two attractive strangers come to town and the local hangout spot literally blows up. This should be enough excitement to last a lifetime in the small Colorado town where Skye grew up. Instead, it's the start of an unbelievable adventure. Someone is stalking Skye, and she can't seem to avoid the town's newest bad boy, Asher, or his golden-boy brother, Devin. But she's certainly not prepared to learn that the new guys are actually angels sent from Heaven and Hell to force Skye into deciding the fate of the universe. (HARPERTEEN, Sept. 2011, 400 pp., HC, $17.99)

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Kate Girard