Image of Beautiful Day: A Novel


Image of Beautiful Day: A Novel

Taking place over the course of a wedding wweekend, Hilderbrand’s latest focuses mainly on the ups and downs of marriage and relationships. It’s nearly impossible for readers to grow bored with this novel’s eventful plot involving scandal and a large, colorful cast of characters. The story concerning Jenna’s notebook is a bit exaggerated but, overall, this beautiful and fun novel promises to entertain.

Over the course of a summer weekend, two families are brought together to attend the wedding of Jenna Carmichael and Stuart Graham. Everything has been planned carefully, according to instructions left behind in the notebook — a journal Jenna’s late mother penned right before her passing. However, the members of the Carmichael and Graham families bring their own dramas to the party, and not everything works out exactly as planned. While attending an event that celebrates devotion and love, the families put their own relationships to the test. (REAGAN ARTHUR, Jul., 416 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun