Archeology, cultism and murder form the basis for Lowell’s newest tale of sensual romance and deadly suspense. A master craftsperson, Lowell is an expert at weaving fascinating technical details into her mix of passion, family dynamics and heart-stopping peril. Lowell never disappoints!

As a descendant of Mayan royalty, Dr. Lina Reyes Balam Taylor has devoted her life to studying ancient Mayan artifacts. Former ICE agent Hunter Johnston has been auditing several of Lina’s lectures and making the first overtures toward a relationship. Then Hunter is contacted by his close friend, current ICE agent Jace Beaumont, who is being blamed for the disappearance of some unique artifacts found during a bust. Hunter approaches Lina for her expertise, but things turn grave when Lina is nearly kidnapped and Jace is badly wounded. Hunter and Lina need answers, and tracking the missing artifacts is their only option. For those behind these events, blood, sacrifice and ancient prophecy are all that matter. (MORROW, May, 400 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith