Image of Beautiful Stranger


Image of Beautiful Stranger

The sequel to Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard gives Chloe’s best friend Sara her own story. With heaps of sex in public, a drop-dead gorgeous British hero and a smart heroine trying to keep her emotions in check, erotica fans will find this tale enjoyable. Although both of the characters are likable, they come off as two-dimensional and are difficult to invest in. Additionally, the alternating his and hers POVs detract from the story.

After leaving her cheating ex-fiancé in Chicago, Sara Dillon searches for a fresh start in New York, joining best friend Chloe and her beau Bennett. When Chloe takes Sara for a night out on the town, Sara meets an irresistible stranger and does the unthinkable: has sex in an upscale nightclub. When the hook-up turns out to be Bennett’s friend and business partner, Chloe can’t resist making their semi-public trysts a habit. But can she emotionally distance herself from the handsome stranger, or will his growing affection win her over? (GALLERY, Jun., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna