McGuire takes fans back to when Abby and Travis tie the knot. It's fun visiting with them, and alternating POVs give readers a glimpse into what they're both thinking. It's also an admirable attempt on McGuire's part to address that pesky plot hole of why Travis never exactly dealt with any consequences for the campus fire. While she's not entirely successful, she does give it an honest try, and even lets Travis's brother point out the obvious holes in Abby's plan. A fun, quick read if you've got the time.

Ever wondered why, exactly, the skittish Abby proposed to Travis and whisked him off to Vegas after the tragic fire in Beautiful Disaster (and Walking Disaster)? In the Beautiful Wedding novella, you'll find out. 

The always savvy and cagey Abby sees the writing on the wall: Travis could well be blamed for the deadly fire on campus. Just as she's realized she can't live without him, how is she going to save her man? So Abby does what any Vegas girl would, she proposes a quickie wedding. Travis readily accepts, and off our favorite disasterous couple go. Will they make it? (ATRIA, Dec., 160 pp., $15.00, ISBN: , HC, 18 & Up) *Web Exclusive Review* 

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno