Book Review

by Jessica Bird

Genre: Series

2005 Silhouette Special Edition Nominee

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Keeping her crumbling B&B afloat takes all of Frankie Moorehouse's
time and energy, leaving no room for love. At the end of a horrible day, her cook quits, but chef Nate Walker shows up just when she needs him. Letting sexy Nate get close personally takes longer, but it's safe for Beauty and
the Black Sheep
(4.5) to have a fling. Nate's leaving shortly, and Frankie's priorities haven't changed. Or have they? Jessica Bird gives us a romance of rare depth, humor and sensuality, bringing two damaged people together in a completely believable manner.

Reviewed By: Catherine Witmer

Publisher: Silhouette

Published: July 2005

Reader Rating

3 Stars

Average Rating: 3 Stars
(1 ratings)

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Beauty and the Black Sheep

Submitted by Robin in PA on March 3, 2012 - 3:31pm.

Frankie Moorehouse doesn't know how she can save her ancestoral home. The big mansion needs a serious overhaul and she is behind on the mortgage. The Bed & Breakfast is on the verge of going under when Chef Nate Walker appears. He soon has the kitchen working overtime to keep up with the crowds in the dining room. Nate just wishes he could get Frankie to like him as much as she likes his cooking skills.

I picked up the first book in the Moorehouse Legacy series knowing that the author, Jessica Bird, also writes as J.R. Ward. I really couldn't see too much in common between the writing styles. The heroine drove me a little nuts at times. She would hear something and just jump to conclusions and start yelling rather than asking for the full story. It got old after the third time it happened. This book has recently been re-released as THE REBEL by J.R. Ward. My rating: 3 Stars.