Thomas brings a powerful duo into a tale with a unique backdrop, brilliantly combining a dinosaur hunt, a murder mystery and a love story. Readers may be fascinated with the paleontology, the mystery or the romance. Each holds its own allure, and together they create a memorable addition to the mystical bliss series.

Once they were young lovers, but time and circumstances have taken Christine Sommers to far-off places, searching for the fossils of prehistoric beasts, while Erik Boughton, the Duke of Sedgwick, has been twice widowed. Rumor has it that he's cursed.

When the remains of a dinosaur and some human bones are found on his property, Erik needs Christine's help. Since she has no fear of the so-called devil duke or the "curse," Christine travels to Scotland and begins an excavation. Together they dig up the past and rekindle their passion, but as pieces of both the dinosaur and the woman are uncovered, they are drawn into a darker mystery and deeper passion. (AVON, Aug, 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin