The cover for BEAUTY FROM ASHES reads, "Hope...Heartbreak... the Civil War," words that sum up the focus of this final volume in Eugenia Price's Georgia Trilogy. Readers once again meet her extraordinary characters as they are trapped by the pain, divided loyalties, tragedy and triumph of the human spirit.

It is 1852 and Anne Couper Fraser is still grieving for her husband and parents when she is forced from her home on St. Simon's Island to seek refuge 300 miles away in Marietta, Georgia.

Just as Anne is coming to grips with a new life, she sees her homeland being torn apart, hears rumblings of rebellion and finally of war. She watches as her son and grandson enlist in the Confederate Army out of loyalty to their heritage. Anne, long an abolitionist, sympathizes with the Union and watches her world crumble. With the help of a young Union doctor, she finds a new lease on life and the inner strength to go on.

Anne is a survivor. She endures great pain and still believes in humanity and the power of the inner-most spirit to carry her family and nation through its time of greatest sorrow.

Eugenia Price always brings readers a story of power and dignity, a tale replete with historical details, but most of all a novel filled with courageous, marvelous, unforgettable characters who restore our faith in mankind. For more than 30 years Ms. Price has held a place of honor in readers' hearts and with BEAUTY FROM ASHES she will once more be embraced by her fans as a master storyteller. SWEET (June, 627 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin