Rather than be forced to marry Reginald Burton-Smythe, a cruel man of her equally cruel father's choosing, Elizabeth Frazier runs away. Though born into a wealthy family, she leaves with almost nothing. Either by coincidence or divine providence, Elizabeth soon finds herself in a marriage of convenience to a stranger.

After two disastrous relationships, Justin Randolph only wants a woman to care for his home and children. He's suspicious of Elizabeth's reasons for marrying him and suspects she's only after his money. Is her sweet, innocent demeanor an act or the real thing? As much as Justin hopes Elizabeth is "for real," evidence says otherwise. Do a woman who's never known love and a man who's been burnt twice already have any chance of finding love?

Clark's novel is a dynamic story of two lonely people in a desperate search for love. The conflict is riveting and the plot fast-paced. Throw in a troubled hero, an innocent but determined heroine and a truly nasty bad guy, and you have a fabulous story. (Jun., 336 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Vickie McDonough