Readers will fall in love with Beatrice, a regency outcast filled with wit and a desire to gain independence. And Julius, whose vague background paired with his charm and good looks, makes for a mysterious hero. The chemistry between the two is good, but readers may find their back-and-forth banter to be a bit too much at times. Sweet love scenes paired with the personal struggles of Beatrice and Julius make this a fun, entertaining read.

Miss Beatrice Fanshaw wants nothing more than to return to her childhood home, which was lost after her father wagered their estate in a bet against Julius Chadwick, Marquess of Maitland. Her father's subsequent suicide and her mother's soon-after death left Beatrice stuck in the confines of her wicked aunt's home. But Beatrice devises a plan to win back her estate and put Julius in his place. After she beats him in a horse race, Beatrice's secret wager isn't what Julius was expecting — his hand in marriage. Can Beatrice reconcile with Julius, and her past, and learn more about this mysterious marquees or will she become tangled in a web of lies? (HARLEQUIN, August 2011, 288pp., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnson