With Alexis’ knowledge of the modeling world and Clark’s mastery at mysteries, this is a novel not to be missed. The characters are terrific, and you’ll breathlessly await the next Spa Mystery by this talented duo.

Juliette Taylor, a former supermodel, is a skincare specialist and motivational speaker for women. She is holding a weekend retreat about reclaiming your life at the Palm Grotto Resort and Spa. While at the airport, she runs into another former supermodel, Raven. After a brief altercation, they go their separate ways, but Juliette is surprised when Raven shows up at the resort. Several hours later, Raven is found murdered — poison in her clay mask! — and Juliette is a suspect in her death. (B&H, Aug., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Hanson